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Correcting dog behavior can be accomplished very easily if you know which steps can be done to help you with this problem. One common dog behavior that many people look to get corrected is the incessant barking that can be seen with many animals. I know that for me I have one dog that does have a barking problem that I had to correct and here are some of the methods that I used to successfully accomplish getting this dog behavior corrected.

The first step that I did to handle this issue is I taught him the meaning of the word quiet. Now for some people you might be asking how can a dog understand something that I am telling him especially something like this. Well that is easy because each time that he does the barking that you do not want him to do you will tell him to be quiet. Then when he quiets down after you say the word you will praise him with chest pats or treats.

The second step that really will help you out is to establish yourself as the alpha in your house.

Now I know that many of you are probably saying that how can you possibly do this to help correct dog behavior in a barking manner, but once you do this you will learn that if you are not making any noise towards the object your dog will typically reply the same way that you are reacting. So if you are shouting or hollering at something your dog will also get upset and start making his voice known as well.

I know that these are the two methods that I used to correct my dog behavior especially his barking problems. I know that I found many other great ideas and tips by clicking here

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