Dog Training Harness

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Dog Training Harness

As many dog owners will confess, dog training can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming.  The theory of getting your dog who has endless energy and no understanding of your English dictionary to understand what you would like him to do can seem like mission impossible!  However some dog owners have discovered that part of the solution is using a dog training harness.

Dog Training Harness – How It Works:

Some people believe that the dog training harness is a more humane method of controlling their dog because of the way they fit and work.  It fits over the dogs front legs and lies around his mid-section.  So, when controlling the dog using the harness, he still feels a tug, but it is more humane than jerking the collar for results.

The dog training harness helps control the momentum and forward force of the dog more easily too.  This is because it distributes your dog’s weight more evenly, whereas a collar and lead is focused on one small area, his neck, and because of this he can pull ahead or away incredibly quickly, and without too much effort in many cases.

Dog Training Harness – Comfort

The dog training harness is considered more comfortable for your dog, and less of an exhaustive problem for you as there is less lead jerking and tugging, and more even control of your dog.

And because of this a dog training harness can be much more effective than the standard collar and lead.

The harness focuses on the dog’s weight in the shoulder and chest area due to its even fit and distribution of weight, and because of this it is considered safer for the dog, because and by comparison the dog’s neck is weaker and can get damaged.  Many neck collars can cause discomfort for your dog but the harness is usually found to be a more comfortable for your dog to wear.

Dog Training Harness – Sizing:

Of course with most doggie products, the dog harness comes in a range of sizes, styles, colours etc to suit a range of different sized dogs.

The most appropriate style is one that is adjustable so you can make the fit correct for your dog.  You are also looking for a harness that has soft padded straps that go over the front of the chest area for the comfort of your dog.

The harness should not be over tight, it should fit loosely but no so loose so it slips around or so the dog can escape, however it should not be very snug either.  It needs to be loose enough for comfort but not so loose that the dog can’t feel your commands.  If you are unsure, then you can ask the professionals.  You can do this by visiting your local pet store, they are almost certain to sell Dog Training Harnesses, and many allow you to take your dog in, and they will often be able to help you with your appropriate choice and sizing.

It is important and safer for you and your dog to have him properly trained and under control.  A dog training harness when used and fitted correctly can help as part of your dogs training and control, they can be more effective and more comfortable than a simple collar and lead, so they are well worth a try. 

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