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Poodles are the perfect embodiment of dogs with the looks AND the brains. Not only do these dogs have a distinct appearance, they are one of the most intelligent breeds as well. Poodles are incredibly responsive and have a high aptitude for learning.

As with other breeds, the basis of poodle training is premised on the reward principle. Some people reward their poodles with treats and some reward them with praise in most cases, it has been proven that working with both always returns positive results.

To keep your poodles health in check, it might be a good idea to stick with dog treats that have the least amount of additives or preservatives. Home-made liver treats or dry poodle food are often popular choices. But just to establish the ground rules of your dog training routine, remember that you must only reward your pet with a treat for displaying good behavior or if it follows your command. You dont want to negate the purpose of your method by giving rewarding your poodle even if it doesnt do what you are trying to teach it. You dont want to end up spoiling your dog instead of training it.

Second of all, remember that consistency is key in poodle training. The easiest way for your poodle to learn tricks is through repetition. Ten to fifteen minute sessions, three to four times a day would be ideal. You want to do poodle training sessions as often enough so that it sticks but you dont want to overdo it and end up exhausting or overwhelming your poodle. As added help, it always helps your poodle to comprehend things better if you work in a quiet and contained area. This prevents them from being distracted by other external factors.

Use verbal cues during the poodle training process such as praise words for good behavior. At the same do not hesitate to let your poodle know if it is doing something wrong. Poodles are very eager to please their masters. It is for this reason that perhaps they might enjoy the process as much as you, if not more.

Having your poodle learn tricks does not happen in a snap. Keep in mind that when it comes to poodle training, it takes a lot of time and patience for things to stick. If you dedicate your time and practice enough patience, youll have your poodle learn all sorts of tricks in no time.

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