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Dogs are domesticated animals which are extremely valuable for humans.  But sometimes aggressive dog behavior develops and creates problems for the owner. This aggressive dog behavior is due to so many reasons like genital reasons; it may be because of some environmental condition or may be some mental problem of the dog. These reasons which created aggressive dog behavior show certain types of aggression. The types of aggression are mainly fear aggression, in which dog is haunted by his fear. The dog might show dominance aggression in which in which he wants to dominate other animals. The dog might show territorial aggression in which he wants to make his territory secure.

Aggressive dog behavior might develop due to some medical problem as well, like he may have some genetic disability or some physical injury which can be reduce by some proper and regular exercises.

The keeper of the dog first of all must identify the signs which indicate the aggressive dog behavior and then need to find the reason of what is making his behavior aggressive. Since the dogs are naturally aggressive, it becomes quite a task for the owner to remove aggression if he has never dealt with it. Sometimes dog shows aggression towards family members, this becomes very dangerous situation and it needs to be stopped before it hurts the member especially children.

The owner at first needs to identify the reason that why the dog is showing aggression towards them, is it some fear which causing the dog to show aggression or some medical illness. The owner then needs to take necessary steps in order to remove aggressive dog behavior.

The dog owner has to make sure that there is no medical condition which is creating problem especially after when the dog has developed the behavior which he never developed. After the illness has been eliminated the dog owner needs to start the training to minimize or remove the aggressive dog behavior, for which owner can hire professional expert. It is very important for the owner that he does not ignore this situation because these problems do not resolve by themselves.


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