Supercollar Dog collar, Large

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Supercollar Dog collar, Large

  • EACH high-tech coated steel cable has a break strength of over 100 pounds!
  • The retractors are waterproof and self-cleaning. Dirt and sand will not clog the retractors because of the patented debris flushing technology.
  • Multiple holes permit you to fine tune the fit for your dog?s comfort and safety.
  • The supercollar® is made in the USA!
  • A portion of supercollar?s proceeds are donated to pet, working dog and disaster relief organizations.

The name pretty much says it all! The supercollar® is a revolutionary new patented dog collar with a built in leash. Yes, you heard us right – a collar that’s also a leash. This one-of-a-kind dog collar will change the way dog lovers interact with their best friends during walk time. And any time, really.With supercollar®, you will never have to look for your leash again. It’s already on. It’s always on!The supercollar® was designed with three things in mind: ease, safety and control.The supercollar® is endorsed by an emergency veterinarian who is passionate about pet safety.With supercollar®, you will never have to worry about tripping yourself or your dog with traditional or retractable leads that get tangled around everyone’s legs.The supercollar® is designed to be worn at all times. The quick release safety turn-lock secures the handle when not in use. Simply lock the stainless steel toggle when your pet is relaxing and doesn’t need to be on lead. Twist the toggle

List Price: $ 49.95


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