Advice on Dealing With Dog Behavior Problems

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Dog behavior issues are common. Dogs are not humans and as such, they are not born with human capabilities to adapt to a civilized world. Their instincts are dog instincts – more suited to survival in harsher conditions. This makes dog training a very important aspect of pet ownership. Having said that, even dogs that have been relatively well-trained as a puppies can exhibit certain behaviors at some point, which may be problematic. Excessive barking, aggressive biting, digging, chewing and other potentially destructive behavior must be dealt with appropriately, immediately. 1. Sudden changes tell a story. Aggressive biting is a […]

Three Tips For Encouraging Dog Behavior Problems

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Let me tell you a quick story…Jane Smith has just gotten a new puppy. She loves him dearly and wants to have a happy, well-adjusted, obedient dog. But after six months, her puppy has grown into a wild, out-of-control dog who has chewed up everything she owns, doesn’t listen to her, and growls at anyone who comes nears him when he’s eating. Everyone wants a dog like this, right? Here are a few dog training basics for training your dog to develop any number of dog behavior problems. Ignore Your Dog The first rule of companion dog training is to […]

Tips For Solving Your Dog Behavior Problems

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As a pet owner, you have probably seen a number of dog behavior problems. In particular, you will see that your pet will demonstrate changes in its behavior as it grows up. Just like human beings, animals too undergo hormonal changes in their bodies, but this is not the only reason for their changing behavior. A lot of the behavior that you see actually develops as habits set in when an animal is not trained or simply does not get enough attention. Animals, particularly dogs, can be very much like human beings. They need attention, and if they do not […]

3 Top Abnormal Dog Behavior Problems

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There are not a lot of abnormal dog behavior in dogs. A lot of the time the way a dog acts is normal for them, but is seen as abnormal for humans. These are things where the dog cannot function effectively in a society without being seen to have abnormal dog behavior. What Causes Abnormal Dog Behavior: Abnormal Dog Behavior Problems can be attributed to health conditions such as thyroid dysfunction with the dog. Signs of this include excessive panting or drooling. If you feel that your dog is displaying Abnormal Dog Behavior, you should take it to a professional […]

Dog Behavior Training – How to Fix Dog Behavior Problems

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It is very rare to adopt a dog and not have to deal with any sort of behavior training, as you should know, dogs think differently from us humans. Things that are unacceptable to us can be natural behavior to a dog. It is important to understand this and take the right steps to solving whatever problem you may be experiencing with your dog. There are many dog behavioral problems, some more common and specific to certain breeds of dogs. Tips and guidelines for solving behavioral problems Some behavioral problems are as a result of instinct this may be a […]

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