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Though there is a general impression that reward training is the modern type of training, in reality this training method is very old. As old as ever since the dogs were there to train. Even before that people were using informal reward training methods to train wolf pups, which turned out to be modern dogs. Modern reward training gains popularity only for the past 10 to 15 years. But people were using principle of reward training for many decades. Dog trainers prefer this method to other training methods like leash and collar method. But in some cases the combination of these training methods is found to be more effective.

Training methods will vary from dog to dog. Some dogs can be easily trained by using a leash/collar method where as other dogs need a reward training method. These dogs are happy with the reward they get and listen to a trainer’s command thinking of reward.

Some dogs fall between these two categories. They need the combination of both reward training as well as leash/collar training method.

Clicker training is another form of reward training. This method has become very popular among the trainers. When the dog does something good, the trainer will use a clicker to make click sound. As soon as the dog hear the click sound it knows that it will get a reward, a treat. Gradually the dog starts responding to the click sound.

Reward training is associated with food. The Dog will get reward as a food. After obeying any order from the master the dog expects food immediately. For more complex exercises this system work wonderfully. People who train the dogs for movies and television uses this reward training exclusively, which gives great results. Police and military dogs are trained by using a reward-training method. They are trained to smell and track. This is helpful in training the dog about basic behavior like obedience. Some reward training include lure in reward training method. The trainer uses the lure to get the dog in certain position according to trainers wish. Later on the dog will get in to that position whenever the dog feels like. It is a sensible thing to train the dog with out physically interfering.

Training the dog without touching is very important. Positive reinforcement is the reward dog gets after every good performance. Reward they get is a positive reinforcement. Not only food but also word like ‘good boy’ and a pat on their head will do wonders.

When training the dog for some important job like in police, detection of drugs etc. the dog need to be reliable. So these dogs need to be trained in such environments. Surrounding people and sounds should not distract the dogs. The dogs need to be social with people and other animals around. The biggest mistake the dog trainers do is to train the dogs inside the house or in the yards. There only the trainer and the dog are present. When the dog is taken out, the trainer will accompany the dog as its protector. These dogs will not be able to perform well at a situation where so many people are there in the surroundings.

Another important thing to remember is that while taking out the dog the dog should always pay attention to its trainer. The dog should be alert all the time what the trainer is doing.

This is just a little bit of information of all the information available on dog training. I hope you have learned a bit from this article though. Good luck!

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