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Among some of the basic dog training tips your dog should come to you when you respond. This is one of the primary ways you can get to help your dog.

If a dog refuses to respond to your call initially this can easily be rectified with repeated but patient calling and use of name. Dogs learn to adapt to their names quite easily when they are young. It might be a bit difficult if you are adopting an older dog who might have already had a name in his previous years, but nonetheless if the dog is well adjusted to your new place and loves it there then you can expect that he will respond to your name in due time.

A well-trained dog or pup will soon come running to its name but often it might take weeks for this to happen. A pup has to like his treatment in the household to respond to name. One of the particular ways to get them be aware of their names is to call it loudly a numerous times and deliberately for every action.

For taking them out to pee, calling them for food, praising them, letting them know when something has not been done right, calling them over, bringing something to their notice, etc. the deliberate and poignant use of names is a must. Dogs have to learn to be obedient as a disobedient dog runs into more risks of accidents and overall more problems in the household or walking with you.
You would always want your dog to be alert, healthy and follow some lines of discipline.

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