Post Partum Care in Dogs

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In most cases, the experience of accompanying and assisting your bitch through pregnancy, labor, whelping, and weaning is a rewarding and joyful experience. Sometimes, however, things do not always go as planned. Post-partum care for your dog is as important for her survival as it is for humans. For this reason, one should have an understanding of what might be expected in the event something goes wrong. Education and quick action could be the difference between life and death. Perhaps one of the most immediate dangers to your bitch after giving birth is hemorrhaging. Most births will exhibit large amounts […]

How to Care For Dogs

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Dog care tips are the ones that all canine lovers should be aware of. Dog known for the attributes like loyalty and faithfulness is almost every man’s first choice for pet. Pet dogs should be treated with great care and affection just like any other individual in your family. Unlike other pets, dogs can perform an additional function by taking up the job of a watchman. In fact, well trained pet dogs can even carry out tasks like helping his master to cross the road, getting the newspaper for his master or even protecting his master from any imminent danger […]

Care Your Dog With A Dog Bed

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If you are one of those dog owners who feel that a dog doesn’t require its own bed, then you are wrong. Your pet too needs his own space to relax and stretch just as you do. Especially when you leave your dog all alone in the home during the day, then he prefers to have the warmth and comfort of his own bed. When you become a dog owner, the health and comfort of your dog is the most important thing.   This article will help you in looking for a perfect dog bed. There are a few simple […]

Modern Dog Care – memory foam pet beds

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If your pet is part of the family, they must be treated as such. One way to ensure that your pet is treated like a family, buying a pet bed, correspond to a range of prices, sizes and shapes to create different breeds. While a stubborn cat is more likely to pull the nose up with the idea brought a grateful dog happy in the cozy depths of a pet bed. In contrast to beds for people, not pet beds no legs and usually rest on the ground. Although they do not come with bedding, you can provide your pet […]

Essential Dog Care – Health and Wellness Tips

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Getting a new dog or puppy can be a time of great fun, but it can also be a time of anxiety and new responsibilities. Will this new addition to your family be easy to live with? Will he or she be finicky and hard to train? How will your new dog get along with children? A little research, time, and patience can help build a wonderful new relationship. Here are some tips that can help put things into perspective and help ease the transition from stranger into beloved family member. Make sure you get a breed of dog that […]

Do You Know These Dog Care Tips?

June 26, 2012 by  
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  Do you know how to help your dog to reduce weight? First, I introduce a calorie formula to help you calculate how many calories your dog is consuming in a day to keep the current weight: Calories = the dog’s weight(kg) x 30 + 70. If you aren’t satisfied with your pet’s weight, you can feed him/her foods with fewer calories than the result you calculate. If your dog is too thin, you can provide more foods with more calories. Do you have plans to help your dog to look for a companion? Before you get a new pet, […]

Basic Dog Care You Need to Know

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One of the loveliest creatures in the planet is a dog. Since time immemorial, men always had a love for these furry creatures. This is because of the joy and the sense of relaxation that these dogs bring. In fact, most families would always have a dog at home. Having a dog at home entails many responsibilities as well. You cannot simply acquire a dog, bring it home, and let the dog tend to himself, right? The dog also needs care and love from its owners. One of the most essential things that dogs need is food. Just like human […]

Finding a Holistic Balance in Dog Care

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We hear a lot of talk these days about holistic medicine and you may even have heard about holistic pet care but do you know what it means or where you can begin? Holistic is more than just a buzzword but since becoming one, it’s caused confusion over what holistic really means and whether or not people (or dogs) need it. A true holistic approach has to do with balance and this is something that dogs can benefit from as well. This will refer to emotions, physical well being and spiritual well-being. Taking a holistic approach to your dog care […]

The Elderly Dog – Care and Maintenance

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It’s hard to imagine the first time you are holding that irrepressibly cute little fur-ball that is your new puppy that one day he will be an older dog, a senior, with certain physical and mental needs. He won’t be as a quick as he once was; he might have a harder time hearing you come in the door; or he might take a few moments longer to get up off the floor, but there are special things you can do for your older dog to make his golden years comfortable and happy. Depending on the size of your dog […]

Dog Care Basics

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The opportunity to care for a pet makes for a very fulfilling activity and can bring about plenty of fond memories. A pet is a companion that is able to listen unflinchingly, brings joy when you’re feeling down, and provides a great degree of loyalty all throughout its life. No wonder pets have always been one of the perfect means of reducing stress levels among people. Dogs and cats have always been on the top of the list of favorites among people of all ages. This discussion is focusing on dogs and the correct means of dog care. Dogs share […]

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