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It is quite a common thing that people want to keep different breeds of dog and sometimes it becomes impossible to train all of them and remove aggressive dog behavior. However the first step that the owner should take is to train their dogs and remove undesired behavior. There are different step to remove aggressive dog behavior for different breeds of the dog. Removing this aggressive dog behavior becomes quite easy if the owner is keeping the dog from his younger age.

Canines are the breed of dog that is born undomesticated. If a person is keeping canines it is suitable for him to keep this breed in packs, because canines prefers to live in packs which is lead by one dominant male. Controlling the aggressive dog behavior of this breed is not that difficult, the owner just needs to be straightforward in his commands and should provide suitable food for canines.

They can easily be trained on how to interact or behave properly with other dogs, people especially children. Another breed of dog is wolf pups; they are entirely different from canines. They are born domesticated and never live in packs and their actual strength and power of these dogs is their aggression. People keep this breed because for security reasons as wolf pups can guard his keeper’s domain from every kind of predator.

Puppy aggression should be controlled at the time of occurrence, because it can become the main issue of aggressive dog behavior. If the puppies are left alone they feel separation anxiety which can become main cause of puppy aggression, and human contact is very important at this point.

There are some breeds of dogs which are considered aggressive and shows aggressive dog behavior like pit bulls, Rottweiler, Dobermans etc and are not suitable for family pets because training these aggressive dogs are quite difficult which their owners can not do easily to remove their aggression. Any dog you keep as a pet can be aggressive, it’s just the matter that how you keep the dog and train them to remove or reduce the aggressive dog behavior to minimum extent.

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