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Territorial aggression, redirected aggression and predatory aggression are three types of aggressive dog behavior which is not quite common but still some dogs show such type of aggression. Territorial aggression is one of the types of aggressive dog behaviors and most of the dogs show this type of behavior. It is common in dogs nature that they protect their den, their master and his house which is quite natural by the dogs instincts. Sometimes over protective nature of the dogs become too aggressive that they may bite the visitors of the house. Most of the time, under this aggression, they attack strangers, dogs and nearby animals. The reason why they attack strangers is that the dogs have very strong memory and they memorize the faces of known person and therefore if they see any unknown person or stranger, they attack him. The owner of the dog can easily identify the signs of this aggressive dog behavior and can control him by making him lower the barking towards strangers.

Redirected aggression is very uncommon type of aggressive dog behavior. The owner of the dog must have seen this type of aggression and might have confused with another one. Consider that someone is walking on the other side of the road and arouses the dog, as some people have the habit of doing this, making him so much over excited and turns his aggression on for the moment. This does not mean that he is the enemy of the dog but he just loose the control and shows aggression. This aggressive dog behavior cannot be control by the owner or any other means, this problem in the dog remains for some little time and the aggression will soon get down.

Predatory aggression is another type of aggressive dog behavior. This aggression is natural instinct and all dogs are born with this aggression. A dog shows this type of aggression by chasing, cats, bird, or other animals most often. These three types of aggressive dog behavior cannot be easily overcome however it can be minimized but it totally depends upon the nature of the dog.

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