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Some dogs are more high maintenance than others, require more frequent or rigorous grooming habits, so it’s important to pick the dog grooming equipment that suits your dog’s needs.


The first tool you need for this task is a brush. The best brush to use will depend on your dog’s coat type. If your dog has a fluffy coat it may need a different type of brush than if it had a more coarse, rough coat. If your neighborhood pet shop has knowledgeable staff, they might be able to have a look at your dog and recommend a particular type of brush. For example, dogs with long flowing coats can benefit from a bristle brush. A dog with a thin coat might require a coated pin brush. Depending on your dog’s coat it may need a daily brush to prevent matting, or you might be able to wait longer between brushing.


For a bath you will need your brush, shampoo and, if your dog is the kind to roll in dirt right after a bath, a hair dryer. While it’s fine to use your own hair dryer, make sure that you get dog shampoo. Shampoo that is designed for humans should never be used to wash your dog. Unless youre an expert, wait until your dog is dry to follow up with brushing, especially if you dog has a thin, fine coat. Attempting to brush its thin coat when its wet can hurt and damage the individual strands.

Claw treatment

Maintaining your dog’s nails at a reasonable length is also an important part of proper dog grooming. Clipping your dog’s nails will ensure it doesn’t suffer from any painful breaks or other grievances. For this task, you will want to invest in a quality pair of claw trimmers. Although a pair of good claw trimmers will cost more than a regular pair of human nail clippers, the results you get with claw trimmers will be much better. Claw trimmers will also help you ensure that you don’t clip too much nail and hit the nail’s quick, which can cause your dog’s nail to start bleeding. The frequency of your nail clipping will depend on how quickly your dog’s nails grow and how much wear they get on surfaces like concrete.

Healthy teeth

Ensuring your dog has a healthy mouth is vital to keeping your pet from developing any gum or other oral diseases. As with shampoo, when you purchase toothpaste for your dog, make sure you buy toothpaste that is specifically designed for dogs. If you decide to use a standard toothbrush, choose one that that fits the size of your dog’s mouth. Although there’s nothing wrong with using a standard toothbrush, many dog owners find that it’s easy to use a finger toothbrush. This rubber brush slides over your finger and allows you to vigorously scrub your dog’s teeth while holding your pet still.

When you’re grooming your dog, it’s best to keep it contained in one place. This will make your job much easier. A bathtub is a good choice for a smaller dog, while an outside pen will perhaps be the best option for a larger dog. It takes skill and practice to groom a dog, especially one with a more high maintenance and matt-prone coat. If you’re not confident in your own grooming skills, take your dog to a dog groomer – even if you only go once, at least you’ll get to see a professional groom and know what end result you’re looking for in your own dog grooming efforts.

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