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Dog licking can be one of the worst problems that you can have. If you are like me your dog will typically come up to you and start licking you as soon as he gets done drinking water. I know that this is one of the worst times because they normally have a mouth full of drool which then gets wiped onto you! I know that for me I had stop him from licking me, but then he started constantly doing that to his legs to the point that he gave himself an infection and here is a tip that I used to help keep him from doing this behavior.

One of the first things that you will want to do is try to find out why your dog is constantly licking his paws or legs, or other body parts. I know that for me my dog ended up being allergic to the food that he was eating. However, even once I changed his food he would still do this behavior, but that was because what was left in his system had to work its way out.

Which took a couple of weeks and the hives that he had developed from the allergy took even longer to get rid of.

The one thing that I found to get him to stop licking and digging at his paws and legs were to put socks on his feet. I know that I didn’t want to use a brand new pair of socks, but an old pair with holes works out great! That way he would not be able to get at them to dig and lick so he would stop getting the infection.

While for some people learning how to stop your dog from licking can be a challenge you can try what I mentioned earlier, but for some people you might just want to try to find even more information on how to stop dog licking. You can find even more information at

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