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Pet hygiene is essential for human and animal health and wellness. Bathing makes an important stage of a dog’s grooming routine and it can be performed weekly or monthly, depending on the case. Shampoo and water are bliss and any dog grooming bath is a great occasion to brush the pet’s hair, clean its ears and eyes and trim the nails. If you don’t have basic grooming skills or you are more in favor of professional grooming services, you can pay for a dog grooming bath with a local business weekly, once or twice a month. While hair brushing ought to be performed regularly, there is no absolute rule for bathing.

A dog grooming bath can be an occasion for great fun if the pet is accustomed to bathing as a puppy. When the animal is young, it is more playful and open to new experiences; consequently, start a bathing routine as early as possible. If you adopt an older animal and you can’t handle the dog grooming bath on your own, it’s your duty to pay someone to do it.

Check with local groomers for grooming and bathing services in one, because they are usually cheaper. Depending on the hair thickness and the pet size, you can pay up to $ 100 or even more for very large breeds.

During the dog grooming bath, high-maintenance dogs try the groomer’s skills at the maximum. The problem with home bathing is that it could be superficial sometimes and that lumps, bumps or injuries under the hair pass unnoticed. Unless you prevent matting, you’ll pay a great deal of money to get the dog’s hair untangled. Moreover, such a delicate procedure really tries the dog’s patience. There are even cases when the coat has to be shaved off to remove mats, and that is certainly not desirable at all.

To conclude, do not neglect the importance of a dog grooming bath.

You can find out what shampoo or cleaning product to use by asking for the vet’s advice. And don’t overlook the importance of coat drying, given the fact that there are few chances of blowing it dry. Consequently, try to always adapt grooming decisions to your pet’s preferences and individuality!

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