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Just like us, dogs like to be groomed and pampered at least once a week. Dog grooming will keep your loved one happy and healthy. You can take your dog to professional groomers at a pet store or a place that is dedicated to dog grooming, but you can attempt to do it yourself. All you need is to have some basic dog grooming supplies. You will need dog shampoo, nail clippers and a comb or a brush. If you need more information on how to groom your particular breed of dog, your vet can help you or you can get a book that will teach you how to groom your dog. To begin with dog grooming, start from cleaning his ears. You should check your dog’s ear while grooming. Dogs with droopy ears are particularly vulnerable to waxy ears, ear mites and fungus. This should be done at least once in a week.

Move on to clipping your dog’s nails…The most important aspect of dog grooming.

You should clip your dogs nails every two to three weeks. If you start clipping nails in puppy hood they will get used to the idea of the dog grooming process. Now, you are ready to give your dog a bath. This is the messiest part of grooming your dog. Start bathing your dog with a mild shampoo from the legs first and then the body and the face at last. Let the shampoo sit in the fur for three to five minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can towel dry your dog or you can use a blow dryer. If you decide to use a blow dryer, dry one area at a time, do not jump around from one spot to another. Be sure to separate your dog’s coat and dry all the way to the dog’s skin. Do not forget to dry underneath your dog’s paws. When blow drying the head, do your best and not to direct the air flow into the dog’s eyes and ears.

After the bath, brushing your dog is the most time consuming.

When you brush your dog is careful no to use a brush that is too hard otherwise you can accidentally cause your dog to have brush burn. It may seem like an unnecessary part of dog grooming, but you need to brush your dog’s teeth. You need to do so at least once every week. There is also mouth wash that is formulated specially for dogs that will aid in reducing bacteria. A common cause of your doggie’s bad breath can be from the source of a build up of plaque and tartar on their teeth. To help prevent this from happening, you can feed them with a particular brand of dog food that will slow the process of plaque and tartar from developing on their teeth. There are also rawhides to chew or a nylon bone to prevent dog breath. So there is no reason your dog should go around with doggie breath.

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