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Obedience training is an important part of responsible dog ownership.  These techniques lay the foundation for a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog that is able to participate in family life at home without difficulty, and is able to feel at ease in the presence of other people. Here, then, are some dog house training tips.

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Number one: Start training at an earlier age. This will keep bad habits, which are difficult to break, from being developed. Also, this will keep bad behaviors that are just starting to form from developing into habits. Keep your training short and simple, though. Limit your training sessions to a few minutes every day. Remember to end your session on a positive note by way of praising him or spending time for play.

Number two: Use positive reinforcement for desirable behaviors.

If your dog has successfully followed a particular command several times in a row, remember to lavish him with praise. Pat him on the back, give him a gentle stroke on the head, or provide him with doggie treats. In contrast, use the proper corrective methods for undesirable behavior. If you have to punish your dog, punish him while he is doing the bad behavior so that it does not confuse your dog when you begin to punish him after he is done with it. Make sure also to never ignore any kind of behavior – desirable or undesirable alike.

Number three: Make obedience training a daily part of your life. You can use commands like “sit”, “stay”, or “heel” in everyday situations. Remember that the use of repetition is necessary to establish proper learning. Also, make sure to get everyone involved. For example, not only should your commands be worded in consistent ways; every one in the house should do the same. Not just you but everyone should be taking the steps to make dog house training quick and easy.

Follow these dog house training tips, and help your dog become the best dog that it can be.

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