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One of the most common reasons people need dog training is barking. The easiest and most efficient way to train your dog to stop barking is with a dog training barking collar. The general idea is to give your dog negative reinforcement every time he or she barks by having something unpleasant happen to them with each bark. Most times it only takes a few barks for the collar to work and keep your dog from barking. In no time at all your dog figures out that the negative reinforcement is only occurring because of the fact that he or she is barking.

There are several collars to choose from, and all of them are effective in their own way. All it takes is deciding which one will be most effective for your individual dog. These are the most effective types available:

Spray Collars
The smell of citronella is a huge deterrent for dogs. With spray collars you simply fill up the collar with water and citronella, and then whenever the dog barks there is a fine mist of citronella sprayed in front of her nose. It is sort of funny to see your dog trying to get away from the awful smell that is stuck on their nose. However, it doesn’t last long because once the dog figures out that this is caused by the barking, the dog training barking collar becomes effective and the dog stops barking altogether.

Ultra Sonic Collars
With this type of collar, you don’t have to worry about filling anything up with water. You just put it on your dog and wait for the barking to start. It has the same type of effect as the spray collar, except it works on the dog’s sense of hearing rather than the sense of smell. This type of collar causes a high-pitched sound every time your dog barks. Dogs cannot stand this type of sound, and it makes them cringe. They usually react by barking a couple times and then going quiet once they figure out what is going on. It doesn’t cause them any pain, but the sound is very annoying to them, so once they realize their barking is causing that awful sound they stop. This is how the collars are so effective.

Bark Control Collars
This type of collar uses a mild current to control barking. It basically just surprises them, and after a couple of times they quit wanting to bark. Most bark control collars allow you to control the setting on them. Start out on a lower setting with these collars, and only go just high enough to change your dog’s barking habit.

After you have successfully gotten your dog to stop barking you can go back to a regular collar. If your dog happens to experience a relapse, you might have to revisit the training to remind them that barking is not a good habit. Just start another training session with the dog training barking collar, and after a while the barking will stop again.

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