Finding a Holistic Balance in Dog Care

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We hear a lot of talk these days about holistic medicine and you may even have heard about holistic pet care but do you know what it means or where you can begin? Holistic is more than just a buzzword but since becoming one, it’s caused confusion over what holistic really means and whether or not people (or dogs) need it.

A true holistic approach has to do with balance and this is something that dogs can benefit from as well. This will refer to emotions, physical well being and spiritual well-being. Taking a holistic approach to your dog care means looking at the total package and the dog as a while. You will also need to factor in the individual circumstances and unique qualities of your dog to choose the best approach to support your best friend.

In terms of a holistic model, disease is not an isolated event but rather something that comes about over time due to many different factors all working together under specific circumstances.

This means you can prevent disease, at least in part, by preventing the sets of circumstances that lead up to it.

Disease is considered the body’s way of manifesting that the balance is off so if your dog is not well, treating the condition itself will do little in the long run if you don’t reestablish the balance that your dog needs for healthy life. Finding a holistic balance in dog care could refer to the food you give your dog, the exercises you do, the products you use and much more.

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