Flexi Small Retractable 23-Foot Classic Long 1 Cord Leash, Black

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Flexi Small Retractable 23-Foot Classic Long 1 Cord Leash, Black

  • Robust, retractable, extra-long dog leash with patented braking and retraction technology
  • Brake button and brake lock ergonomically conceived for 1-handed control
  • For small dogs up to 26 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • Invented in Germany

Long Version of the original retractable leash. Features 23 ft. length. For dogs up to 26 lbs.

List Price: $ 24.99



3 Responses to “Flexi Small Retractable 23-Foot Classic Long 1 Cord Leash, Black”
  1. The Irish Patient says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very well made product; great price, July 20, 2010
    The Irish Patient (Western Massachusetts) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    You’ll notice that Amazon aggregates all of the reviews for the various Flexi models together. The actual product being reviewed is shown just above each review.

    I’ve been using Flexi leashes for the last 15 years. Two dogs, two walks per day per dog. That works out to about 22,000 walks!! Where does the time go?

    My second Flexi just failed, so this will be my third. Eleven thousand walks per Flexi strikes me as an excellent mean time between failures.

    A one-star review by “D.Youatt” states that his Flexi was made in China. I can’t speak to other versions and colors, but my new one is labeled “made in Germany.” It has the same feel of quality that the first two Flexi leashes had.

    Several of the reviewers express a strong preference for the corded Flexi leashes. That’s the old design. My experience is that the newer design with a flat tape (my second Flexi) operated more smoothly than my original corded Flexi and also had a longer service life. My recommendation is to prefer the tape over a cord, but suit yourself.

    You should be very conservative with the weight limits in selecting a Flexi leash. The upper end of the weight range should only be used if your dog is a complete marshmallow. The more active the dog, the more you will want to de-rate the weight limit.

    You also need to let the leash dry out if you want a long service life. Whenever the tape gets damp on a walk, pull the tape completely out of the housing and set the lock. Let it dry thoroughly. Then retract the tape slowly and under control before storing.

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  2. Ingrid "aussie_dog34" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Hardy leash, August 31, 2005

    I’ve only had 2 retractables so far, but this one outlasted the other by a LARGE margin. I got this flexi when Jake was a pup, and 7 years later, it’s been chewed on, spit on, dropped, dragged on concrete, dragged through mud, dirt, sand, water, snow, etc. It’s even been caught in my hair every now and then. I got a different retractable last year, and it promptly broke on the same day I got it. Even before it broke, it was having problems retracting the leash-string (so I’m standing next to a busy street, 20′ of leash laying in the grass, Jake standing next to me, and I’m trying desperately to get the darn thing to work before the next car goes roaring by). That leash was thrown out, and the old black flexi was given kisses and apologies for being undervalued.

    The only problem it has right now is that the button needs a little more force from the thumb every now and then, and that’s only because Jake chewed it out of shape a long time ago. Most of the time it works great, needs no pressure at all, but once in a while it will stick and you’ll need to repeatedly press it in to “work out the kinks” and I’ve only had to do it less than once a year. But other than that, I never have to worry about holding a broken flexi while Jake is running like the wind after a truck. It’s actually kept me out of such pickles and it’s suffered a lot of abuse. More than once, it’s had to withstand the pressure of a 50-60 pound dog lunging at top speed, full strength, at the end of the leash (or whenever I’ve pressed the button). Sometimes I see the crack on the plastic body widening a little bit under the strain, but I’m still very comfortable knowing it won’t break. It’s one hardy thing. Too bad retractables just don’t get made the same way anymore.

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  3. jessiesmom says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Not Like the Old Flexi Leash, May 1, 2011
    jessiesmom (Knoxville, TN USA) –

    Having used a large, Xtra long (26 foot) corded Flexi Brand leash for my Lab for 9 years, it finally began to ‘catch,’ so I decided to buy a new Flexi Leash in the same size, for the same dog. I found out the corded leash is no longer available in the large size, and the new model has a tape leash instead. I purchased the (expensive) new leash, only to find it to be in no way comparable to the 9-year old one in quality or performance.
    1) The tape twists round and round constantly while the dog is walking, and ends up retracting all twisted up. After taking it off the dog, I have to pull the entire leash out and lock it, and then untwist it while slowy retracting it. I currently have 3 fingers cut almost to the bone from the tape. My dog ran after a squirrel and around a tree. The leash twisted all up, and while trying to unwind my dog from around the tree she tried to run again. I had my hand on the tape (I had placed it there while trying to unwind the dog from the tree while she was *not* moving), and since the tape had twisted all up as it always does, when she ran the other way the tape retracted and twisted more at the same time, slicing three of my fingers. This never happened with the corded leash.
    2) The new leash is already “catching” when extended out beyond 10 feet. The old leash did not do this until it was 9 years old.
    3) The “cap” covering the seams near the handle came off the first day of use.
    4) The lock button on the new leash is difficult to use with one hand, while on the old leash it was very easy.
    Pros: I have found no pros with this leash and feel I wasted my money. Even with the “catching”, the old leash works better. Save your money and buy another leash.

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