Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier for Small Cars and SUVs

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Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier for Small Cars and SUVs

  • Protects passengers and cargo from roaming dogs
  • Keeps pets from launching forward during quick stops
  • Universal fit for most vehicles from compact to SUV (does no accommodate 2 door cars or minivans)
  • Simple installation and removal for quick setup

Dogs moving around freely in cars are a safety hazard to themselves, the driver, and the passengers. The Backseat Barrier keeps everyone safe by creating a strong wall between the front and back seats of the car. This wall keeps the dog safely in the backseat when the car stops quickly and restricts excited pups from moving between the front and back seats of the vehicle. The Backseat Barrier also has an extra partition, which separates passengers from dogs in the backseat. Great for long trips, or just around town.

List Price: $ 49.99


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3 Responses to “Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier for Small Cars and SUVs”
  1. Jenn Lynn says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Barrier, July 3, 2007
    Jenn Lynn (Chicago, IL) –

    I bought this barrier because our dog is very excitable when in the car. If left to her own accord, she would be jumping to and from the backseat to the front – which is dangerous for me as the driver. So, I saw this barrier and I thought it looked like the best one out there. I had seen all these different harnesses, but I knew Pralines wouldn’t like being forced to sit still for that long.

    First off – one of the reasons the barrier is getting four stars. It’s a little difficult to put together. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it certainly took some time for my husband and I to attach it to the seats.

    For the first month or two, it worked like a champ, but then our dog got a little sneaky and was able to jump over the barrier. After you see the barrier installed, you realize that’s not an easy thing to do. But our dog has a lot of energy and jumped right in the front seat with us. I don’t blame the barrier at all – it really does do what it’s supposed to. And for normal, calm dogs – it would have worked fine.

    I still use the barrier with Pralines – I just had to tighten it a bit more on the seats and we’re back in business.

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  2. K. Wumkes says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Kurgo pet barrier too flimsy, October 9, 2008
    K. Wumkes (Colorado) –

    This review is from: Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier for Small Cars and SUVs (Misc.)

    While the main portion of the barrier is well made, it’s too short and flimsy to keep my Border Collies and Golden Retreiver from jumping on top and over it. The upper netting won’t stay in an upright position, partially because the two stabilizer bars holding it up broke the stitching holding them in place, so they are now useless. Get the Outward Hound version for less than ten bucks and save some money.

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  3. B. Hermann "Brady's "mom"" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Works for us but installation problems, January 6, 2009
    B. Hermann “Brady’s “mom”” (Clinton, Iowa) –

    Once the barrier was installed, my dog respects the boundary and now sits nicely without trying to come between the front seats. However, it was a bit difficult to install. First problem was understanding what straps went where. Second problem was the upper net barrier. It came zipped on but it is not possible to get the bars in with that section in place. When I unzipped it, inserted the bars and tried to zip it back on which was very difficult, the zipper pull came off. Wanting the barrier and not wanting to send it back and wait for a replacement, I went to the hardware store and we solved the broken zipper problem by taping it together (both sides) with black Gorilla tape. So far that is working fine. But I couldn’t find a place to hook the bottom straps under the seat. Since I had a car service appointment the next day, I asked them to see what they could do and they did find a place to hook it. The car is a Pontiac Vibe, a small crossover vehicle. My dog is a large Shepherd/Lab mix but he does respect boundaries so it works for him, but it might not for a more aggressive dog. The product could be improved by addressing the installation problems I encountered.

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