Medical Cause Of A Aggressive Dog Behavior

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There are some reasons in which different breed shows aggressive dog behavior. This aggressive dog behavior may be the cause of some environmental problem, sometimes the genetic problem might be the reason. Another main cause of aggressive dog behavior is mainly due to some medical illness. In this article the main focus is on medical cause of aggressive dog behavior and there proper treatment.

If a dog has any physical injury, disease or a genetic abnormality defect and if these problems swing the mood of the dog towards aggression, then no training process will be effective to minimize or overcome this problem. There are many problems under medical case which can cause aggressive dog behavior, like the problems with eyesight or teeth. If the aggressive dog behavior or his temperament problem is congenital, then the cure of the aggression can be minimal by the likelihood of the dog.

The physical injury of the dog may occur due to some accident and it can be treated by proper medical care or exercise. The disease which can cause aggressive dog behavior may occur due to change in atmosphere or consuming any contaminated food. In this case exercise is strictly prohibited but proper medical checkup is required with treatment.

The genetic abnormality may include hypothyroidism, which means the deficiency of thyroid hormones in vertebrates, which can also cause aggressive dog behavior. However this is very difficult to overcome or minimize but there are some medication for this disease. There are certain conditions which cause inflammation of the brain of the dog resulting neurological problem which also include aggression thus developing aggressive dog behavior. Sometime a chemical imbalance can make the behavior of the dog unstable and proper medication is required for this treatment to remove aggression. The reason why these problem cause aggression is that it develops a rage syndrome which are actually partial seizures and occurs in the region of the brain which is very helpful in controlling aggression, and can cause sudden aggression. These are some common medical problems which normally cause aggression in dog’s behavior and can be treated if above mentioned precautionary measures are properly taken.

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