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Dog is an animal which is aggressive by nature; the aggression is inherited in them. They live their life as a pack animal and need their hunting skills to survive their wild life. Aggressive dog behavior is mainly due to some medical problem, when they feel unwell internally. However this problem is just a short term and can be easily treated and can be overcome quickly. Most of the breed shows aggressive dog behavior mainly due to genetic problem, they are born aggressive. This problem bugs the pet owner because the offspring of that dog also inherits the similar problem. Aggressive dog behavior may be due to some environmental or social changes; these social changes include: that a dog might have been beaten by some other dogs and has started fearing that this may happen again, therefore it shows aggression.

Sometimes the dog show aggression towards their food, the owner should fix this food problem as soon as possible as the dog might become more violent if he gets similar diet or food therefore it’s a good idea to switch to some other diet plan for your dog recommended by a Vet.

Sometimes different breed show aggressive dog behaviortowards common things like ball and react unnecessary with them, they chase any car running around the road and do silly things.

This may be the reason for aggressive dog behavior that they lack proper socialization and become insensitive towards the environment. Another reason is that when family member take extra care of the dog feed him heavily or add more and more food in his bowl or gives him bath more than once a day, this infuriates him and can make him aggressive. Another reason for aggressive dog behavior is the lack of proper structure in their family; most of the time dog wants to do some things which his owner restricts him again and again therefore a dog might become aggressive.

Dogs, due to bossy and leader type nature, guide the thing which they think and perceive as a greater value. However we can say that the things which are behind his aggressive nature are Food, unnecessary restrictions or fear. If precautionary measures are taken towards such things the aggressive dog behavior can be controlled to the great extent.

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