Right Dog For You

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Right Dog For You

How to Find the Perfect Match for You… Here is a systematic and enjoyable way to choose a dog. This highly informative and useful book will take the guesswork out of choosing a dog while leaving in the fun. It will tell you about more than 110 breeds and help you to select a dog compatible with your personality, family, and lifestyle. Choosing a dog can become easy and enjoyable as you learn everything there is to know about the breeds, including: * physical characteristics — height, weight, strength, coat color and texture, tendency to shed, and food requirements * temperamental characteristics — indoor/outdoor activity level, emotional stability, sociability, training potential, and watchdog/guard-dog ability * popularity, background, and unique qualities of each breed This fully illustrated guide includes easy-to-read tables and pages of practical advice, plus a miniquestionnaire to help you narrow down your selection to the perfect match for you, your family, and your life

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    The best match-up service for dogs and prospective owners!, February 22, 1999
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    This review is from: Right Dog For You (Paperback)

    This book desperately needs to be updated, as there are several breeds who need to be included, but aside from that, this is the most extensive and helpful book anyone could have in choosing the right dog for your personality and lifestyle. Unlike most personality matchup tests which ask very vague and general questions for which “yes” or “no” answers are not enough, Tortora’s book leads you step by step through a very detailed personality questionnaire, narrowing the list of dogs as you go, to find the ideal match for your personality, lifestyle and activity level. Tortora also includes the negative information along with the positive. Too often, the information from breeders who love the breed is all positive and they typically omit the breed’s mischief, destruction or temperamental propensities. Tortora’s book was the most helpful in steering me away from breeds I’d always liked, but who wouldn’t fit my personality. So many dogs end up in shelters because people don’t do enough research on a breed prior to buying and they end up with a dog who clashes with their personality and/or lifestyle or whom they cannot control. If you’re a non-assertive female who has always loved the Kuvasz, for example, Tortora’s book might make you think twice about whether you can handle such a strong, dominant dog who is prone to take control over someone he considers submissive to him before you find yourself in the heartbreaking situation of giving him to a shelter. In my opinion, Tortora’s book is the best on the market and it only falls short of 5 stars because it needs to be updated. I recommend using it in conjunction with Chris Walkowicz’ “The Perfect Match: a Dog Buyer’s Guide” to cover the breeds not included in Tortora’s book. Hopefully, if more people research the breeds to find one that will be a more perfect soulmate than just going on curb appeal or popularity, then there will be fewer animals in shelters and pounds.

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