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Dog training is the process of teaching a dog to perform certain actions in response to certain commands which the dog is trained to understand. Training your dog is something to be planned at the very earliest opportunity. It is necessary to use positive reinforcement when you train your dog or puppy by offering some dog treats and a lot of praise if he performs something correctly. Why is my Dog Ignoring Me? So your dog is ignoring you and you don’t like that. Nobody likes being ignored. It even makes some people very angry. They are the ones that tend to get ignored even more as a result. It’s quite common for dogs to ignore commands. Often owners give dogs very few reasons to listen and a lot of reasons not to. A typical scenario might go something like this: An owner is calling to their dog to “come,” the dog ignores them; they call louder and with more venom; the dog continues ignoring them; they start marching angrily toward the dog, clenching their teeth with all the determination of someone not willing to tolerate this degree of disrespect (especially in public); the dog begins to crawl reluctantly toward the owner, knowing their number is up; finally, the owner takes the dog forcefully by the collar, maybe even throws in a smack or two for good measure, and issues another reminder of who the boss is around here.

If you are trying to train a dog then chances are you are looking all over for dog training secrets that will make your job easier. There are many dog training secrets out there, but none will be as helpful as what you are about to learn. There is one fundamental truth of dog training. That is that dog training is all about communication. Without the right communication you will never get your dog trained. Communication in training is all about sending the right message to the dog so the dog understands what behavior he should do. There are two basic ways you can go about communicating your message to your dog. Positive reinforcement is the recommended method of communication to use during training and considered one of the top Secrets To Dog Training. This is because a dog will usually respond much better to positive things than negative things. Many dog breeds will only learn through positive reinforcement because it is in their natural to rebel against or ignore negative things. In some cases using negative methods in training will make the dog afraid to try to learn at all for fear he will make a mistake and get in trouble. The correction method of training is not about punishment. It is about showing the dog the correct thing to do when he does something wrong. It is all about redirecting. For example, if the dog does not come when called, the trainer would use the leash to urge the dog to come while saying the command. This is one of the dog training secrets that many people may not even know about before they start researching training. when behaviour is no longer reinforced and it eventually goes away, we call this extinction. e.g dog is used to being allowed outside when he whines at the door, but is suddenly no longer allowed out when he whines. Dog learns not to whine at the door. Extinction sometimes makes the target behaviour worse before it gets better, sometimes significantly. This is known as an “extinction burst” and is usually a sign that the behaviour is about to diminish rapidly. In the current example, the dog might whine more often, more loudly, and for longer periods before learning that whining doesn’t work for him any more.

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