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Dogs truly are unique creatures. They maintain their own quirky behavior do to the odd way humans perceive how dogs act toward them. In most instances, strange dog behavior is really not all that strange. Dogs are pack animals and that means they will (hopefully) react towards their master as if the master is an alpha leader. But, there will be those instances when strange dog behavior truly is strange. Such behavior might be a cause for alarm as the dog might be sick or suffering in some way.

So, it is best to be familiar with common strange dog behavior if you wish to remain a master who can truly help and care for their four legged friend.

One thing that does need to be understood is that not all dogs are alike. As such, the behavior that may seem strange is actually acceptable for one breed as opposed to another. For example, a person that once owned a St.

Bernard and then buys a poodle might be alarmed by the strange aggressive behavior the poodle shows. However, the poodle’s behavior is not strange as poodles are naturally aggressive. The owner may just be used to the more laid back behavior that the St. Bernard shows.

The environment in which a dog is exposed to can have a significant impact on how it will behave. A common reason why a dog will act in an odd manner is boredom. If your dog is not getting enough exercise or it never has any chew toys to play with or the owner decides to be neglectful with the dog, it will likely become bored. As a result, the dog will start to act in a manner that is decidedly different than the owner would commonly expect.

In a similar vein, a dog could start to embody anxious behavior. Such anxiety can have a great many different origins. Separation anxiety could be one reason. Sadly, some dogs will embody anxiety due to having been abused. Regardless of the source of the anxiety, the dog’s behavior will take on the dimensions of something being wrong. The only difference would be the severity of the anxiety.

Dogs can also end up acting oddly because they have neurological issues. This will be outside of the dog’s or the owner’s control. Issues with the dog’s neurological system will likely need to be treated by a veterinarian.

Actually, this may be the case with a large number of different dog behaviors that seem to be odd or outside the range of normality. In some cases, the treatment would not have to be medical. There are dog behavioral specialists that can help reverse such a problem through modification techniques.

It is also important to note that if the dog’s behavior is overly aggressive or potentially dangerous, you need to take appropriate steps to curtail such behavior. An aggressive dog can be dangerous. As such, you need to address behavior that is overly aggressive in a cautious and appropriate manner.

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