SturdiBag Pet Carrier, Large – Black

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SturdiBag Pet Carrier, Large - Black

  • Dimensions: 18″L x 12″ W x 12″ Flexible Height
  • Accomodates all cat breeds, toy to small dogs up to 25 pounds
  • Seatbelt safety loops
  • Adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap & leather hand grip
  • Machine washable ultra comfortable pad

SturdiBag Pet CarrierWhat makes the SturdiBag(TM) exceptional and why do so many professional trainers and breeders prefer this carrier? “It’s a flexible height carrier.” Many people who work with animals also travel with them extensively. The SturdiBag(TM) is a flexible height carrier. The patented design allows the top to “flex” without collapsing, allowing the SturdiBag(TM) to conform to the under seat height of all airline seats. “SturdiBag(TM) is feather-light yet extremely resilient.” Uniquely constructed with top quality and durable materials, SturdiBag(TM) is the lightest weight professional grade carrier on the market.Whether transporting by the leather hand grip or using the shoulder strap, the ability to maneuver through an airport, onto a plane, down the stairs or simply to the car, a light weight carrier will make your task easier. Many airline carriers around the world have weight limitation for pets including the carrier, making SturdiBag(TM) an excellent choice for ease

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  1. Caroline Edwards "Caroline Edwards" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best carrier on the market for larger pets, September 8, 2010
    This review is from: SturdiBag Pet Carrier, Large – Black (Misc.)

    Actually purchased the Extra Large Sturdibag from a local store for our 13″, 13lb. Miniature Schnauzer, but just had to leave a review here after two 2-3 hour flights because it’s such an excellent product. The extra large is 16″ tall by 20″ long, just right for our MS–she can stand up fully and turn around (an airline requirement btw) normally, yet the flexible rods over the top allow the carrier to “smush down” and fit under an airplane seat when the time comes.

    The BEST part of this “smushability” is that the flexible rods are still trying to retain their arched shape, so even under the seat, they are pushing the top of the bag UP, resulting in your pet having as much room as possible. (Our MS can lay down in the carrier when it’s under the seat, with a few inches clearance above her head/back). In other words, the bag doesn’t just collapse in on your pet when pressure is applied.

    The 20″ long extra large version fits under the seat but extends into your foot space by a few inches. We were never called out on this by a flight attendant (flying Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air) but something to think about if your airline is more strict. It would not extend into the foot space if turned sideways (taking up two seats’ underfoot space).

    Overall, the carrier is extremely well built. Quality materials for both the sides and vented openings, velcro closures, and zippers. Straps are very comfortable for carrying, both by hand and over the shoulder. The padding inside the carrier is extremely plush (fleece over an egg-crate pad), attaches to the bottom via 2 velcro strips (front and back), and has stood up well to 2 washings so far.

    The carrier is incredibly light for how much structure it has. A foam core board in it’s own zippered compartment on the bottom of the bag makes it as comfortable as possible for your pet to be lugged around or set down (and may be removed if you want to completely collapse the bag for storage). The rest of the bag gets it’s shape from 5 removable, flexible rods–2 on the top down the length of the bag, and 3 arcs from one side to the other at the front, middle, and back of the bag.

    FEATURES: Rounding out the package are the bells and whistles. Four vents, consisting of a fabric flap attached by velcro to plastic mesh, 3 of which unzip fully: the main front door; 2 square vents on the top, each of which has a half circle zipper creating an opening for your pet to put their head out (or your hand in); and a half circle vent on the top of the back panel which doesn’t unzip. The bottom half of the back panel is a zippered pocket, just the perfect size for treats, toys, poop bags, leash, food, and collapsible water bowls. And, finally, inside there is a plastic d-ring to attach a short leash to your pet (in case of escape artists), while outside are 4 nylon loops–one at each corner–to stake down the carrier (in case of high winds under the airplane seat?? who knows.)

    None. I guess the only thing missing are wheels for rolling the bag around, but that would add significantly to the weight of the bag and, more importantly, wouldn’t be comfortable for the pet inside based on the current shape (and assuming a carry-on bag type construction). Therefore I don’t consider this to be a weakness.

    All-in-all, this is an extremely well-built carrier with all the features you need (plus some), and the only one I’ve found large enough for my Miniature schnauzer that still conforms to airline standards.

    Even if your pet has no qualms about going into the carrier initially, I highly recommend making VERY positive associations with the bag before your trip, by giving very tasty treats for getting into and staying in the carrier for short periods with the door open and closed. Flying can be stressful and making this carrier a “home away from home” will give your pet a little extra security. If we put this carrier on the floor with the door open, our Muppet will get in on her own and turn and look at us, looking for her tasty treat. 🙂 When we travel, she’ll hop right in if the situation is new or she’s unsure, so we know she considers that space her little “safety cave.” Happy travels!

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  2. michigander2004 says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Airplane Travel, June 1, 2011

    This review is from: SturdiBag Pet Carrier, Large – Black (Misc.)

    I purchased this bag after my cat ripped a (small) hole in my Medium Sherpa Carrier, which I successfully flew with once before. I have a 12 pound cat and was planning for a flight on Southwest Airlines. When the Large Sturdibag arrived, I was nervous about it being too large, especially with Southwest’s 8.25 inch height. Because of this, I also purchased the Small Sturdibag, which said it could hold a pet up to 12 pounds. The small was a bit too small for my cat– and I was more nervous the airline would reject my cat in the Small bag because he couldn’t “stand up and turn around comfortably” than that the Large wouldn’t fit under the seat, so I returned the small. I didn’t have a single employee mention the size of the bag, and it fit fine under the seat in front of me with just a little squishing on top, on all THREE of my connecting flights. I even sat in a window seat each time (the middle seat space is bigger, while the aisle is smaller), and turned the bag with the door facing me– it stuck out barely past the seat, but no more than any other purse or backpack might. I didn’t try turning it the other way, but it seemed it would fit for sure in the middle. The trouble with this would be the windows on the bag would be mostly covered by the seat.

    I must suggest, from personal experience, that lining it with a “puppy pad” was very helpful for quick clean-up when my cat had an accident. Although the lining included is very soft, you don’t want to end up with a smelly pad mid flight.

    Pros: Very flexible height. Seems high quality. Love the locks on the zippers. The straps are great. Seems pretty light. Can be disassembled to store easily if you live in a small space. Great customer service from the company. My cat loves the bag– he climbs it in to take naps.

    Cons: I did like the top loading feature of other bags, and when I tried to coax my small dogs into this bag to test it, pushing them in wasn’t very successful. The pocket is also rather small. It also made me very nervous to fly at first, due to its size. Price is also a bit high, especially when investing at the same time as paying hefty “pet flying fees”.

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  3. Kawaii433 "litlkawaii" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great choice, February 4, 2012
    Kawaii433 “litlkawaii” (CA, United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: SturdiBag Pet Carrier, Large – Black (Misc.)

    I must’ve studied every cat carrier available for in-cabin airline use this past month. I finally decided to go with this carrier. I am so happy that I did. It’s light, extremely flexible and has great ventilation for my 8 lb kitty. I wanted to get the large size so my kitty can have all the room he wants for our long trip this coming month. Right after I assembled it, actually during too, my kitty couldn’t wait to get in it. He absolutely loves it. I’ve taken him on 3 road trips already. My kitty is a crazy cat, he rips and tears everything. Having said that, the mesh is extremely sturdy, and after a lot of chewing and clawing, the mesh looks like the first time I opened the package. I’ve heard of nightmares where cats rip through similar types of bags, and I knew that I could not get that bag, no matter how good reviews it had.

    As far as the assembly, it’s not difficult, It consists for 3 things: 1) Unzipping the bottom compartment, sliding in the foam floor, and zipping it back up. 2) Placing the fleece lining in the carrier where the cat will sleep, and 3) putting in the 2 flexible rods on each side of the interior roof. You just slide each rod through 2 guides to hold into place. Don’t be shy really bending the rods. There is an insert that explains the assembly too.

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