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Training Your Mixed Breed (Positive Training)

Kennel Club Books® presents an instructional volume dedicated to the most all-American of dogs: those marvelous mutts! This is sound advice on a timely topic, as more and more pet lovers are adopting mixed-breed companions from shelters and rescue organizations. Whether your new mixed-breed friend is a puppy or adult dog, and whether or not his parentage and background are known, you’ll find an effective approach to training your dog in Training Your Mixed Breed. Experienced animal trainer Miriam Fields-Babineau acquaints you with many common breed traits as well temperament testing to help you learn about your dog’s personality and trainability based on his lineage. If your dog’s mix is unknown, the author’s descriptions will help you make an educated assessment of possible parentage. From selecting and caring for your dog to house-training and basic obedience commands, the author presents positive-motivational ways to teach your dog. A special section on preventing and curin

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