3 Top Abnormal Dog Behavior Problems

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There are not a lot of abnormal dog behavior in dogs. A lot of the time the way a dog acts is normal for them, but is seen as abnormal for humans.

These are things where the dog cannot function effectively in a society without being seen to have abnormal dog behavior.

What Causes Abnormal Dog Behavior:
Abnormal Dog Behavior Problems can be attributed to health conditions such as thyroid dysfunction with the dog. Signs of this include excessive panting or drooling. If you feel that your dog is displaying Abnormal Dog Behavior, you should take it to a professional vet for an examination.

Other things that may contribute this it;s behaviors include how it was treated as a puppy by humans or other dogs. If the dog was cruelly treated, this can cause fear and anxiety in an adult dog.

Dog begin to socialize at the age of 4 months and continue this process till about the age of 4 year.

So this period is critical in shaping how the dog will act as an adult.

Abnormal behavior all depends on how the dog would NORMALLY act in captivity which you wouldn’t know until you put the dog in said situation.

What are the Three Top Abnormal Dog Behavior Problems:

Excessive Fear – This may have been caused by something that happened to the dog as a puppy and will cause the dog to not be able to function properly. Actions, such as lifting an arm to throw a ball, can cause an animal to react and run away or be terrified.

Excessive aggression – Constant growling and attacking humans for no reason is a common sign of aggression in a dog.

Excessive Barking – Barking all the time at nothing or angry barking is another common sign of aggression.

What Can Be Done About Abnormal Dog Behavior:

Although most solutions for this problem are outside the scope of this article, there are a few things to be aware of as a responsible dog owner.

The earlier you can start training a dog as a puppy the more chance there will be as a adult dog that it will not have these dangerous behaviors.

Take action when you see any unusual behavior in your dog.

Make sure that you are always acting as the pack leader with your dog.

Allowing your dog to continue to do things that are not seen as acceptable, or allowing your dog to behave incorrectly will only cause more problems in the future.

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