How To Train Your Dog – A Guide For All Breeds

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How To Train Your Dog - A Guide For All Breeds

Part of being a responsible dog owner is properly training your canine friend. Because a dog is a pack animal by nature, it is happiest when it is part of a pack and is obedient to you, the owner.

Training applies as much to the owner/handler as it does the dog. You must learn how to properly address, discipline, reward, and play with your animal.

Exercise is critical to a happy dog and owner. Proper amounts of exercise will help keep your active breed in shape and will help them settle down when you wan them to. Some breeds will require more exercise than others so prepare yourself with that info before you pick what breed you want.

How To Train Your Dog – A Guide For All Breeds covers these topics and more:
– preparing to train your dog
– how to start training a puppy
– obedience training simplified
– loose leash and whistle training
– teaching your dog to walk upstairs, track, and other skills
– how to train an aggress


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