High-Energy Dogs: A Practical Guide to Living With Energetic and Driven Canines

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Many of the most popular dog breeds, including Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, and many of the terriers, are considered to be high-energy by nature–but even breeds not considered high-energy can have markedly energetic individuals among them. High-Energy Dogs provides the owners of these intelligent and challenging dogs with the tools to manage their diverse physical and mental needs in a positive and fun way. In this informative guide, discover why certain breeds are hard-wired for tireless work and how to channel these energy reserves into positive behaviors. The author, an expert on dogs, offer tips on […]

German Pinscher (Comprehensive Owner’s Guide)

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ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs (Aspc Complete Guide to) Reviews

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The ultimate resource for dog lovers, the ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs is the authoritative volume on selecting and caring for any kind of dog. In the ASPCA tradition, this book has a strong focus on mixed breedsa major difference from most other dog books, which describe only purebreds. At over 500 pages with more than 650 illustrations and photos, this guide covers everything dog owners need to know to give their dog the best possible care at every stage of life, including advice on bathing and grooming, training and exercise, and the special needs of puppies and older dogs. […]

Puppies: A Complete Guide to Caring for Your Puppy (Complete Care Made Easy) Reviews

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Complete Care Made Easy books address all the major concerns about owning and training a small pet. Each care book offers practical advice, emergency first aid tips, fun activities, and more! Look to the training titles for in-depth training techniques and helpful tips. List Price: $ 9.95 Price:

Japanese Chin (Comprehensive Owner’s Guide)

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A delightful and affectionate toy dog hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese Chin is counted among the world’s most beloved companion dogs, a breed that author Juliette Cunliffe describes as a “happy little character with a down-to-earth, yet bumptious, personality.” Despite his small size, the Chin has a larger-than-life approach to the world: alert, spirited and friendly to all whom he encounters. As a home companion, the Japanese Chin demands affection and little else, being a naturally clean pet, often compared to a cat in cleanliness, sophistication and self-awareness. This new Comprehensive Owner’s Guide provides an […]

Choosing a Dog Breed Guide: How to Choose the Right Dog for You. The Most Popular Dog Breed Characteristics including Small Breeds, Large Breeds, Toy Dogs, Terriers, Mixed and Rare Breeds.

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This book is a complete guide for anyone wanting to own a new dog. It contains the essential questions you should ask yourself before getting a dog as well as the essential characteristics for the most popular dog breeds. The book also offers detailed descriptions of the following dog breeds: Afghan Hound, Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Basset Hound, Beagle, Border Collie, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Daschund, Dalmatian, English Shepard, Foxhound, German Shepard, Golden Retriever, Irish Wolfhound, Japanese Sptiz, Lakeland Terrier, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Pomeranian, Poodle, Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Scotch Collie, Tibetan Terrier, Welsh Corgi, Yorkshire Terrier. List Price: $ 14.95 Price: Find […]

How To Train Your Dog – A Guide For All Breeds

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Part of being a responsible dog owner is properly training your canine friend. Because a dog is a pack animal by nature, it is happiest when it is part of a pack and is obedient to you, the owner. Training applies as much to the owner/handler as it does the dog. You must learn how to properly address, discipline, reward, and play with your animal. Exercise is critical to a happy dog and owner. Proper amounts of exercise will help keep your active breed in shape and will help them settle down when you wan them to. Some breeds will […]

Aggressive Dog Behavior ? Basic Guide

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When most of the pet owners buy a dog the first thing they need to do is to correct the aggressive dog behavior if a dog possesses it. A young dog or puppy never show any kind of aggression at its younger stage and would never show it if the pet owner gives him a proper upbringing, but as the dog grow older and becomes an adult dog, they start showing aggression, therefore it becomes important for the pet owner to resolve the problem of aggressive dog behavior. While correcting aggressive dog behavior it is very important for the owner […]

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