Japanese Chin (Comprehensive Owner’s Guide)

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Japanese Chin (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

A delightful and affectionate toy dog hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese Chin is counted among the world’s most beloved companion dogs, a breed that author Juliette Cunliffe describes as a “happy little character with a down-to-earth, yet bumptious, personality.” Despite his small size, the Chin has a larger-than-life approach to the world: alert, spirited and friendly to all whom he encounters. As a home companion, the Japanese Chin demands affection and little else, being a naturally clean pet, often compared to a cat in cleanliness, sophistication and self-awareness. This new Comprehensive Owner’s Guide provides an entertaining portrait of the Chin’s origins and history, the breed’s physical characteristics and temperament as well as the special requirements of the new owner. Owners will welcome the author’s advice on selecting a healthy, typical Chin puppy, rearing, feeding and house-training the pup, plus obedience lessons, home safety and grooming. Ad

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Small Animal Internal Medicine, 4e (Small Animal Medicine)

Learn to effectively recognize, diagnose, and treat common internal medical conditions with this invaluable reference. Small Animal Internal Medicine, Fourth Edition, emphasizes practical diagnostic approaches and focuses on the clinically relevant aspects of patient medical management. Extensive color illustrations, boxes, and algorithms, plus new photographs, schematic representations, and updated tables, set this book apart. With its highly functional design and clear, expert voice, this text delivers the most relevant information for the internal medical challenges you’re most likely to face.Utilizes a problem-oriented approach, beginning with a discussion of clinical signs and diagnostic recommendations and techniques and moving on to therapeutic considerations and managementEach contributor is a recognized expert in his or her respective specialty. Limited number of authors provides consistency. Clear, step-by-step procedural guidelines thoroughly describe each procedure. Cross-r

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