Kurgo Tru-fit Dog Harness, Large (for Dogs 50 to 80 Pounds), Black Reviews

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Kurgo Tru-fit Dog Harness, Large (for Dogs 50 to 80 Pounds), Black

  • Protects dogs, drivers and passengers on the road
  • Broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort and 4 adjustment points for a perfect fit.
  • Can be safely used with any vehicle seatbelt or the Kurgo Auto Zip Line
  • Includes a seat belt loop for use in any vehicle
  • Functions as an auto or walking harness

As dog owners our designers know a harness has to be easy to put on or it will not be used. As a result, the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness is the easiest to use harness available today. Kurgo followed up a great design with high quality automotive materials such as seat belt webbing and a padded chest piece for added comfort and durability. This harness is a must-have for your vehicle and also doubles as a great walking harness.

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  1. S. Scott says:
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    Perfect, March 24, 2009
    S. Scott (washington, dc) –

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    I have a 190 lb English mastiff, with HUGE barrel chest. I have not found a seatbelt to fit him until now. With all the straps extended as far as they will go, it just fits around him. I bought this just to see if it would fit and was very surprised when it did. The information part of the page doesnt give measurements, just weight ranges for harness sizes so I will list them below for all that are interested. It comes from the harness package itself.

    Small 12-20″ 16-22 ” 10-25 lbs
    Medium 16-25″ 18-28″ 25-50 lbs
    Large 18-30″ 24-34″ 50-80 Lbs
    Xlarge 24-35″ 28-44″ 80+lbs

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  2. The Gift Detective says:
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    Good, but could be better…, April 8, 2010
    The Gift Detective (Massachusetts) –

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    My first review so if it is helpful, please, let me know!

    First of all, thanks to the other reviewers complaints about sizing, I ordered both the Small Kurgo TruFit Harness and the Medium Kurgo TruFit Harness so that I could return whichever one didn’t fit. Sizing is off so if you have doubts, do what I did and save yourself some trouble. Amazon has hassle free returns which is one of the reasons I always feel confident ordering from them!

    Secondly, one of the harnesses came in packaging that had been resealed with clear packing tape and was missing the seat belt loop. The other harness came in its originally packaging with everything intact and both were shipped in the same box so I was a little put off that one item was so obviously a returned item re-shipped and missing an essential piece.

    Thirdly, although I think that the idea that you can adjust the bottom strap so that it is definitely in the right spot on your dog (on the actual breastbone/ribcage instead of hitting below on their organs, which is, I presume, why they call it “TruFit” as this is the only adjustment that I haven’t seen on other seat belts) the actual loops that you have the choice of slipping the strap through for this sizing adjustment are TWO DIFFERENT SIZES – one large enough to easily fit the strap and buckle through, the other so small that I had to use pliers to help pull the strap and buckle through. Does this ruin the product? No, because once you adjust it to the right size you won’t have to fuss with it ever again, but I do nwish that the design had been thought out better to avoid the inconvenience in the first place. It’s like they never actually tested this adjustment on the finished product and it seems like a pretty big flaw. I’m young and fit so I was able to make it work but if someone who was older or had a disability or arthritis, they would need someone to assist them. Of course, you might get lucky and you might not have to adjust this strap and then you wouldn’t encounter this problem. 🙂

    I am glad I was able to order this through Amazon because I had a few questions about the harness and contacted the company directly through their website, on at least two separate occasions, and they never got back to me. If I didn’t have the option to purchase this through Amazon, based on Kurgo’s lack of customer service, I wouldn’t have taken the risk of purchasing through […]. In fact, if I had found a product I liked as much as this harness at the time of my purchase, I wouldn’t have given Kurgo my business period because customer service is important to me. Unfortunately, I liked this product better than others I investigated so I chose my dog’s safety and convenience over not wanting to support a company that ignores their potential customers.

    Overall, although I wish the design were better, I think that the product works and will last. I really, really like that the seat belt loop can be detached so that when we are in and out of the car I can just leave the harness on and buckling my pup in is easy and quick to do. In fact, this was one of the reasons I chose this product over others. The seat belt loop is long enough to let my dog ride in comfort so that she isn’t too restrained, but is restrained enough to remain safe. I have the pink harness and I think the color and image reflect what you will get. The actual construction of the product and the materials seem to be good quality. I use it every single time we ride in the car because Isabelle’s safety is paramount!

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  3. Sue Wessel says:
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    Dog Can’t Slither Out of Harness, May 20, 2009
    Sue Wessel

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    This review is from: Kurgo Tru-fit Dog Harness, Large (for Dogs 50 to 80 Pounds), Black (Misc.)

    This is a substantial car harness that is easy to fit, put on and take off.

    My Australian Shepherd cannot wiggle around and slither out of this harness as he could in another type of car harness. He’s a world class slitherer so it’s saying something when he can’t wiggle out it!

    I did find that if your dog is close to the upper weight range of a size, to order the next size up.

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