Best Hikes With Dogs: North Carolina

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51 great trails for you and your pup in North Carolina.Hikes located in and around Asheville, Winston-Salem, Piedmont, Uwharrie National Forest, and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. North Carolina is a paradise for canine hikers and their owners: from the rolling meadows and countless streams, lakes, and waterfalls to the cool, lush forests filled with sights and scents. This guide has everything you need to know to plan a safe fun-filled outing with your dog. Also included: information detailing proper trail etiquette for dog owners and their pets, tips on hiking with dogs and their special needs, dealing with wildlife encounters, and […]

High-Energy Dogs: A Practical Guide to Living With Energetic and Driven Canines

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Many of the most popular dog breeds, including Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, and many of the terriers, are considered to be high-energy by nature–but even breeds not considered high-energy can have markedly energetic individuals among them. High-Energy Dogs provides the owners of these intelligent and challenging dogs with the tools to manage their diverse physical and mental needs in a positive and fun way. In this informative guide, discover why certain breeds are hard-wired for tireless work and how to channel these energy reserves into positive behaviors. The author, an expert on dogs, offer tips on […]

The Well Socialized Dog: Step-by-Step Socialization Training for Puppies and Dogs (Volume 1)

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Just about every owner has heard of the term “puppy socialization” but can rarely find detailed instructions regarding what is it that they are supposed to do and specifically how to do it. This book is your answer. Great time has been taken to create this guide which will lead you through every step of how to properly socialize an adult dog that is in need of this training or a puppy that is ready to discover and learn. It will be your job (and a fun one at that!) to not only introduce your dog to the world and […]

Differentiating Great Lakes Area Native Wild Wolves from Dogs and Wolf-Dog Hybrids

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A book that will help wildlife biologists, conservation officers, forensic staff, and others evaluate animals to determine whether or not they are native Great Lakes Area wolves. Includes 15 full color plates The increase in wild wolf populations has been paralleled by an increase in captive animals that are wolf-dog mixes or are privately kept full wolves. Wildlife biologists are often consulted to identify these animals when the animals are collected after death or occasionally may be asked to verify whether a specific free-ranging animal may perhaps be a wolf or wolf mix. Unfortunately, at this time, there are few […]

ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs (Aspc Complete Guide to) Reviews

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The ultimate resource for dog lovers, the ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs is the authoritative volume on selecting and caring for any kind of dog. In the ASPCA tradition, this book has a strong focus on mixed breedsa major difference from most other dog books, which describe only purebreds. At over 500 pages with more than 650 illustrations and photos, this guide covers everything dog owners need to know to give their dog the best possible care at every stage of life, including advice on bathing and grooming, training and exercise, and the special needs of puppies and older dogs. […]

Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat & Carrier for cats and dogs up to 20-pounds, Aqua

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Carrier and car seat all in one Front and top zippered mesh windows Fleece pad cover is washable Tether included for keeping your pet close at hand Measures 20 x 13 x 12-inches; for pets up to 20-pounds The Pet Gear Signature Pet soft car seat / carrier easily attaches with the car seat belt to keep your carrier secure in the seat and your pet safe. The carrier has carry handles to facilitate transportation, top and front zippered doors for easy accessibility, fleece pad, interior tether, and rear pouches for small storage. List Price: $ 47.49 Price:

Post Partum Care in Dogs

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In most cases, the experience of accompanying and assisting your bitch through pregnancy, labor, whelping, and weaning is a rewarding and joyful experience. Sometimes, however, things do not always go as planned. Post-partum care for your dog is as important for her survival as it is for humans. For this reason, one should have an understanding of what might be expected in the event something goes wrong. Education and quick action could be the difference between life and death. Perhaps one of the most immediate dangers to your bitch after giving birth is hemorrhaging. Most births will exhibit large amounts […]

How to Care For Dogs

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Dog care tips are the ones that all canine lovers should be aware of. Dog known for the attributes like loyalty and faithfulness is almost every man’s first choice for pet. Pet dogs should be treated with great care and affection just like any other individual in your family. Unlike other pets, dogs can perform an additional function by taking up the job of a watchman. In fact, well trained pet dogs can even carry out tasks like helping his master to cross the road, getting the newspaper for his master or even protecting his master from any imminent danger […]

Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Rodents Reviews

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Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Rodents is the third edition of this esteemed veterinary medicine classic. The Third Edition offers readers expanded coverage of small exotic mammals such as gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs, alongside a thorough revision of the common procedures for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Organized in the same user-friendly format of earlier editions,  the Manual is an essential purchase for small and exotic animal veterinarians and veterinary technicians. List Price: $ 66.99 Price: Find More Small Dog Breeds Products

Dogs: A Collection of Cute Dog and Puppy Photos (Adorable Animals)

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This cute little book has 50 photos of dogs and puppies! It is great fun for kids who love picture books and since it is formatted for your kindle (the pictures are large and easy to see!), it will entertain over and over again! Price: GET FREE!!!SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF .00 KNP HOUSE SLIPPERS OR MORE(SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY) STABILITY AND SUPPORT WITH RAISED HEEL SOFT BOTTOM AND NO-SKID SOLE LIGHT WEIGHT ASIAN SLIPPERS(THERE IS NO RIGHT AND LEFT FOOT SHAPE) GET FREE!!!SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF .00 KNP HOUSE SLIPPERS OR MORE(SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY) ASIAN STYLE COMFORTABLE WOMEN HOUSE SLIPPERS WITH […]

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