Citizen Canine

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The Canine Good Citizen program was created by the American Kennel Club to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Written by the respected dog experts at the American Kennel Club (the very same organization that designed the test), Citizen Canine will help dog owner easily maneuver through the program’s 10-step curriculum, stressing responsible pet ownership and basic good manners for dogs. With the valuable information found in this helpful guide, your dog will pass the Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors and qualify for a certificate of List Price: $ 14.95 Price:

Control of Canine Genetic Diseases (Howell Reference Books)

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ISBN13: 9780876050040 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! If you breed dogs for any reason, you must own this book. Genetic diseases are among the most serious hazards on the landscape of modern dog breeding and one of the most vexing challenges facing today’s dog breeders. Is it appropriate to open the gene pool to unwanted conditions in the pursuit of physical perfection, or must breeding to the Standard take a back seat to producing healthy animals? In Control of Canine Genetic Diseases, renowned […]

All About Dogs: The Canine History, Breeds, Care, & Friendships

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All About Dogs is a collection of my experiences combined with information surrounding the care, the breeds, and my canine friendships. You will learn about the dog, the dog breeds, and dog training to name a few. List Price: $ 15.95 Price:

Canine Dental Care – Dog Toothpaste

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Some folks tend to suppose that dog toothpaste may be a little over board. They will claim that it is just a way for large corporations to require additional cash from folks which since dogs never brush their teeth within the wild, they do not would like to brush them now. This train of thought may not be any additional from the truth. It is up to you, the pet owner, to create certain that the dog is well cared for. If the teeth are not kept clean, issues will arise which will price you a lot of a lot […]

Casual Canine Cotton Camo Dog Hoodie, X-Small, Green

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Camo hoodie is authentic winter wear for adventure-bound hounds Features an integrated pocket, ribbed comfort sleeves and soft fleece interior Made of 100-percent cotton and fits 7-inch length Available in X-small size and green color Measures 8-1/2-inch length by 6-4/5-inch width by 1-inch height Camo hoodie is authentic winter wear for adventure-bound hounds. Right down to the integrated pocket, ribbed sleeves and matching waistband. Fashioned in easy-care cotton, each has soft fleece inside for complete comfort. Machine washable and packaged with a hangtag. Made of 100-percent cotton and fits 7-inch length. Available in X-small size and green color. X-small size […]

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