Puppies: A Complete Guide to Caring for Your Puppy (Complete Care Made Easy) Reviews

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Complete Care Made Easy books address all the major concerns about owning and training a small pet. Each care book offers practical advice, emergency first aid tips, fun activities, and more! Look to the training titles for in-depth training techniques and helpful tips. List Price: $ 9.95 Price:

Dog Breeding – Caring For Pups

May 7, 2012 by  
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Once your dog gives birth to puppies you will need to start looking after them. Taking care of puppies is not always as easy as it seems, and a lot of responsibility will fall upon you as the breeder. Your responsibility does not end with the female giving birth; in fact your job is only just beginning. You will need to make preparations prior to the birth; and these include providing a whelping box which is clean and sturdy. Try to incorporate some kind of ‘pig rail’ to stop the mother accidentally crushing the puppies. The box should be large […]

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