Basic Dog Care You Need to Know

June 6, 2012 by  
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One of the loveliest creatures in the planet is a dog. Since time immemorial, men always had a love for these furry creatures. This is because of the joy and the sense of relaxation that these dogs bring. In fact, most families would always have a dog at home. Having a dog at home entails many responsibilities as well. You cannot simply acquire a dog, bring it home, and let the dog tend to himself, right? The dog also needs care and love from its owners. One of the most essential things that dogs need is food. Just like human […]

Why Dogs Need Toys – Dog Behavior Modification

May 7, 2012 by  
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Toys are a source of great pleasure to dogs but they also serve as important tools in behavior modification. Toys are mentally and physically stimulating and fulfill the pet’s needs. Even though dogs today are primarily bred as companion pets, they still need something to do. In the absence of a “job”, they will look for things to do to occupy their time and fulfill their chewing needs. If you don’t want them to choose their own chew toys or games…such as chewing on your sofa, unraveling all your toilet paper rolls, or destuffing your favorite arm- chair, provide them […]

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