The Well Trained Puppy: Housebreaking, Commands to Shape Behavior and All Training Needed for a Happy, Obedient Dog (Volume 1)

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This book is a “must have” for housebreaking a puppy and teaching commands. Forget those same old tips that everyone repeats! This dog training and behavior guide leaves owners thinking, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” and makes training fun as each day both you and your dog will take steps toward victory. By following this “Wow, that makes sense!” book, you will see that by avoiding even small failures and creating a bond that encourages learning, you and your dog will happily reach success for both potty training and obedience. This offers all of the detailed information and […]

The Well Socialized Dog: Step-by-Step Socialization Training for Puppies and Dogs (Volume 1)

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Just about every owner has heard of the term “puppy socialization” but can rarely find detailed instructions regarding what is it that they are supposed to do and specifically how to do it. This book is your answer. Great time has been taken to create this guide which will lead you through every step of how to properly socialize an adult dog that is in need of this training or a puppy that is ready to discover and learn. It will be your job (and a fun one at that!) to not only introduce your dog to the world and […]

Small Dog Breeds. Including some popular and less well known breeds Reviews

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‘Small Dog Breeds. Including some popular and less well known breeds’ has been specifically written for anyone who is considering getting a small dog breed dog or puppy. With over 160 small dog breeds, and with so much information available, choosing can be quite difficult and confusing. This book aims to assist you in making your choice. Useful information about preparing yourself and your home for dog ownership is the focus of our companion book ‘Getting a dog. Preparing yourself and your home for dog ownership’ by the same author, and we recommend you also read this book. Chapter 1: […]

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