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As a pet owner, you have probably seen a number of dog behavior problems. In particular, you will see that your pet will demonstrate changes in its behavior as it grows up. Just like human beings, animals too undergo hormonal changes in their bodies, but this is not the only reason for their changing behavior. A lot of the behavior that you see actually develops as habits set in when an animal is not trained or simply does not get enough attention.

Animals, particularly dogs, can be very much like human beings. They need attention, and if they do not get enough time with you, they are bound to react in some way. Just like children can get rowdy when their parents do not pay enough attention to them, animals will play rough and also mess up your house.

Sometimes, you will see your dog run through the rooms, bark loud and knock over items.

When dog behavior problems are extreme, they will even begin to rip up things and defecate on your carpet. Since they can not talk and complain, this is how they communicate their feelings.

The best way to deal with your dog’s behavior issues is to pay proper attention to it. If you are a working individual, time can be dedicated to the pet in the evenings or even at night. They must have some play time with their owner, and they must be walked regularly by the owner, which serves as bonding time. While you are at work during the day, someone from your house must see to the animal’s needs and keep it occupied when it is not sleeping.

Playing fetch is a very good way to exercise a pet dog, and it will not only burn off energy in such activity, but will also not have much time to think about destroying items at home. Additionally, letting the animal have a free run of your lawn is important. They need to let go of their energy in short bursts. This is perhaps the best time to play fetch with them.

Very often owners tend to believe that dog behavior problems are a result of mood swings. Sometimes these moods may be because of its maturity, and you need to consider whether or not it is time to let your pet have a mate. An animal’s psychology is known to be affected when it does not get to exercise its instinctive desires. Therefore, you are advised to let your pet live a normal mature life too. You can get a partner for it or what may be the best idea – get your pet spayed or neutered.

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